Brofort Inc. was established in 1998 by Renaud Brault. As a senior manager in retail, Renaud identified a need to provide retailers with services and solutions that could be delivered in a language that retailers speak. It was evident that many suppliers who were able to practice their craft, but did not truly know how to marry great service with timely and effective communication, while remaining fiercely competitive. Having worked on both sides of the retail desk (as a buyer and a seller) he understood how to save money, save time and deliver above and beyond. Brofort Inc. started with a focus on retail fixturing and sign installation, and in the past 15 years it have grown into general contracting, roll out program execution, logistics and warehousing, display maintenance and print and signage production.

Today the executive team is one that was raised in retail. We are proud of our established customer base that includes famous brands such as Best Buy, Future Shop, Target, Winners, Home Sense, The Source, Apple, LG, Bouclair, Loblaws and many more. Our nationwide organization can handle a wide spectrum of services. Whether it be simple install work in one store or a full scale build out, we can handle it all. Our 24/7 mentality, proprietary software and "can do" attitude has made us the vendor of choice for many Canadian retailers.

With over 250 employees across Canada, our reach is far. We have completed construction work, fixture and sign installations and multi store product roll outs to some of Canada's smallest towns. Our success has been adapting to the fast paced cycles in retail. The reason we can service 100,000 sq ft retailers is that we have the people, the equipment and the financial stability to handle the scope. We can also service 5,000 sq ft retailers as we have the work to enable the scheduling required to cover many stores in a short period of time. We will not take on work we cannot handle as our focus is not revenue driven.

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