The Brofort Advantage:

  • Investing in  great quality equipment allows us to remain competitive in pricing, turnaround times and quality.
  • We continue to ensure our software is up to date, our folks are trained on the latest process and that the equipment is kept in top notch running order.

Our Equipment:

  • Oce 660XT UV Flatbed, 8x10 bed, Roll to Roll, CMYK Plus Double White
  • Oce 250GT UV Flatbed, 4x8 bed, CMYK
  • Roland 640, Roll to Roll, CMYK Plus LC,LM,LG & White
  • Roland 540, Roll to Roll, CMYK
  • Zund 1200L, 5x8 bed, CNC, Router & I-Cut
  • Royal Laminator, 60" wide, Cold and warm roll to roll.
  • MagPunch, Automated grommeting up to 12mm thick.
  • Sewing of banners
  • Heat bending, 72" wide